How can mindfulness meditation help you?

If we want to have stability and good health, if we want to teach and interact with others more effectively, we need a shift in our outlook. The practice of mindfulness shows us a way of increasing our happiness and enhancing our professional performance by strengthening our inner calm and competence.


So if you identify one or more of the following work-related afflictions in yourself:

  • stress
  • anger
  • anxiety / fear
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • exhaustion / burn-out
  • confusion / mental dispersion
  • chronic distraction
  • difficulty focusing and concentrating

Or if you simply have the noble aspiration to be a more engaged and effective teacher or mentor, why not give yourself the priceless gift of self-observation and regulation through one of our Workshop choices conducing towards:

  • greater inner calm
  • a better understanding of your own emotions
  • more effective communication with students, colleagues and clients
  • improved classroom management skills
  • better setting up of a positive learning environment
  • stronger interpersonal relationships
  • being better able to slow down, stop and rest when you need to
  • improved ability to build community

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