Outline – Ready to change your life?

If you are involved in ELT and would like to know more about how mindfulness can help you, Mindful ELT‘s workshops are for you.

Designed for people with little or no experience with meditation, our workshops guide you, step by step, with a view to establish the practice of mindfulness meditation into your every day life and then, as a regular practitioner, to enjoy the benefits mindfulness offers in terms of personal well-being and professional performance.

If we want to have stability and good health, if we want to teach and interact with others more effectively, we need a shift in our outlook. The practice of mindfulness shows us a way of increasing our happiness and enhancing our professional performance by strengthening our inner calm and competence.


So if you identify one or more of the following work-related afflictions in yourself:

  • stress
  • anger
  • anxiety / fear
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • exhaustion / burn-out
  • confusion / mental dispersion
  • chronic distraction
  • difficulty focusing and concentrating

Or if you simply have the noble aspiration to be a more engaged and effective teacher or mentor, why not give yourself the priceless gift of self-observation and regulation through one of our Workshop choices conducing towards:

  • greater inner calm
  • a better understanding of your own emotions
  • more effective communication with students, colleagues and clients
  • improved classroom management skills
  • better setting up of a positive learning environment
  • stronger interpersonal relationships
  • being better able to slow down, stop and rest when you need to
  • improved ability to build community

Our workshops can be taken separately, one by one, or consecutively in a package deal in the case where you feel ready to commit to the practice for 6 weeks and establish mindfulness as part of your daily experience and interactions with students and colleagues at work.

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(Because the practice starts before you sit)

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